A Step to Sustainability - Graduate Textile Collection

This project promotes sustainable fashion through innovative textile design, experimenting through process and using advanced surface design techniques and materials to reduce water and chemical usage.

The millennial generation has grown up in a world of fast fashion. This evolving business model has caused an extreme rise in fashion sales and drastic decreases in price and quality, labelling garments as a disposable commodity and resulting in devastating effects on our environment. In recent years, increases in sustainable alternatives has shown there is demand for change, however, these designs are often seen as too expensive, plain and undesirable to the younger market.

Using sustainable fabrics, including organic hemp and cotton and advanced fabrics Tencel, Modal and SeaCell reduces the environmental footprint of the collection. Utilising these naturally derived fibres also extends the longevity of items and reduces textile waste at the end of the garment lifecycle. Experimenting with eco-conscious applications has also lowered chemical and water consumption, including digital printing, which drastically reduces chemical run off and water waste. Laser etching and embossing has created intricate surface pattern, eliminating the need for chemical dyes and puckering techniques have created three-dimensional effects, without the need for chemical applications.


Inspired by disruptive imagery of construction work and rebellious connotations of street art, I have created commercially desirable designs, showcasing eco conscious design as stylish and contemporary. Introducing sustainability through textile design, I hope to initiate a change in millennial mind-sets, leading to more considered fashion choices.